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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pretty soon, I'll be bigger than you!

So watch out Froggie!

I'm not sure what to think of this thing...

I like the music, not so sure about the mooing cow though...

Friday, December 29, 2006

This Acid Reflux stuff stinks!

I'm having a little trouble with acid reflux. I cry and cry when I'm eating, and spit up sometimes. Mommy and Daddy took me to the doctor, and they are putting rice cereal into my milk and I'm taking some yucky medicine 3 times a day. I hope it will help, I don't like to hurt and cry!
At least it's not affecting my growth, I'm up to 12 pounds 15 ounces and am 7 weeks old now!

Bathtime for Brock

I'm actually starting to like bathtime, the water is nice and warm and I get to splash around! I'm still not so happy with the shampoo part though...

I'm pooped!

First Christmas for me!

Here I am opening presents, my grandparents SPOILED me!!

Merry Christmas!

Me and Mommy

I love sleeping on mommy too, I remember listening to her heartbeat when I was in her belly!

Tiny hand...

Me and Daddy

Daddy and I are relaxing on the couch together. Zapatos is a little jealous, he always wants to be in daddy's lap!

Pops, GBC and Uncle Benny come to visit

Pops, GBC and Uncle Benny came to visit me for Thanksgiving. They cooked wonderful meals all week, but I stuck to mommy's milk :) They also thought I was the cutest baby ever! What can I say??

My first bath

I just got my first sponge bath. It was pretty nice, mommy tried to keep me warm... I only cried a little bit!

Hanging out in my bouncy seat

I love this little bouncy seat, the vibrations make me sleepy. My Aunt Stacey and Uncle George let me borrow it, since cousin Will is already too big for it! I am wearing my little heroes police outfit from Uncle Mark and Aunt Kelly. I really am adorable, huh?

Here I am with my Uncle Walter

Uncle Walter came to visit me in the hospital!

Here I am with my Oma

Here is my Oma, she came down to be with Mommy and to meet me. She couldn't believe how big I was and how much hair I had!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

My first days

Here I am with my mommy, she is feeding me some formula. I had some blood sugar issues when I was born, I had to eat some formula before mommy's milk came in! I'm all bundled up like a burrito, my daddy is good at the swaddling thing!

My first days

Here I am with my daddy, I like when he talks to me, I remember his voice from when I was in mommy's belly!

Welcome Brock Connor Thompkins!

This is the story of Brock Connor Thompkins. Brock was due to arrive on October 30, 2006 - but Brock had other plans! He was in no rush, and the doctor had to go in after him! So, on November 7th, Tommy and I checked into Northside Hospital to get ready to be induced in the morning. We were so nervous and excited! On November 8th, around 7:30 AM, the induction began. Around 5PM, Dr. Dawson came to check on me and said it was time to push! And, at 5:38PM, Brock Connor Thompkins was born! The doctor put him on my belly and he looked right at Tommy and I, he was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen (of course, I'm a bit biased!) He weiged 9 pounds even and was 21 1/2 inches long.