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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Breakfast with Imran

We had breakfast with my friend from school, Imran and his mommy! I was so surprised to see Imran I just started yelling! Then we went over to the mall and had fun playing on the rides!

And of course I had to drive the police car, just like Daddy!

Happy Father's Day!!

We had fun on Father's Day - we wore our "Big Guy" "Little Guy" hats and had a yummy dinner!

Then I decided I wanted Daddy's hat too!

Aquarium in Gatlinburg

We also went to the aquarium one day in Gatlinburg. We had such a good time, it was really neat!

I'm in the aquarium!!

Gatlinburg visit with Babu and Bibi!

We got to visit Babu and Bibi in Gatlinburg a couple weeks ago, we had so much fun !!

I loved gliding in the chair outside with Daddy

And making sure that Bibi tried some of my yummy puffs

We went to this HUGE store that had this great show with animals singing. I LOVED it, and Babu hung out with me to watch it. Everytime it would end, I would point to the green button to make sure someone restarted it!

My favorite part of the cabin was the bear bench outside, those bears were right at my height! I would go out there and point to his nose and give him hugs and kisses!