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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our trip to Stone Mountain

My friend Olivia was in town, and we all went to Stone Mountain for the day! Guess it was still too cold, because most shops were closed. But, we had fun running on the lawn and playing on the playground!!

The new way to slide!

I have found another way to slide on my slide - on my belly, feet first. I think this is so funny!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Heeeeere Kitties!!

I've got a fun toy to play with!!

Fun with Playdough

Still not too sure how this works... if a piece gets on my hand I quickly toss it on the floor, but it is fun to make shapes!

Aw mom, not chicken for dinner AGAIN!!!!

Vroom Vroom!!!

How cool is this??? My Uncle Benny sent me a HUMMER! The horn is so neat, I like to push it and run away!

Stacking up so I can knock them down!

Pop pop pop

Playing outside with my "corn popper"

Climbing stairs

This is my new favorite thing to do - I love to climb stairs, go back down, and start all over again. I'm getting really fast!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My duck ROCKS!!!!!
So, I found ONE thing on TV that I kinda like to watch. it's eebee baby, I start dancing when someone even starts humming the theme song! Of course, the draw of the camera was stronger!!

Just be patient... he'll drop something soon...

Hang on, I've got another call on my blackberry...

Babu and Bibi came through town

My Babu and Bibi came through town last weekend. We had so much fun! Here I am with Babu, he read me a book right before my nap. It was so soothing, I fell right asleep halfway through it!
Bibi helped give me a bath at night, I am so sleepy and ready for bed!!

My new big boy seat at the table

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been out of touch, very busy!! I am a little grumpy right now, I'm getting my molars, it hurts!! Keeping me up at night sometimes. I hope they come through fast!!! Anyway, here I am at the table eating spaghetti with mommy and daddy in my new big boy seat! I love it!!