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Monday, December 28, 2009

Playground fun!

We went to the playground today, and it was so fun. It was really cold though! We found lots of pinecones and took them home to make bird feeders out of them. Really, I enjoyed snacking on the peanut butter :)


When I got up Christmas morning, there was a trail of candy canes leading me to all the wonderful presents! Wonder if Sparky did it ??

Boy, Santa sure was good to me this year! My favorite toy I got was Woody from Toy Story, I carry him EVERYWHERE I go!

My Bibi made me this awesome blanket, it looks like Oreo cookies!

Playing with Oma

My Oma came to visit for Christmas, it has been so fun having her here! We have been playing games and putting puzzles together! Here we are making sugar cookies with LOTS of sprinkles!

Here I am showing Oma my puzzle skills!

Sparky the Elf

This is Sparky the Elf. This year, Santa sent Sparky to watch over me and then fly home to the North Pole every night to report to Santa if I had been a good boy. It was so fun to see where he landed every morning!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Frohe Weihnachten!!

My Oma made me this wonderful advent calendar - it is just like the one my mommy had when she was little. Every day in December, I get a special present! It is almost always chocolate - YUM! And I make sure to remind Mommy and Daddy that it is time to open my present once I have finished dinner!

Here I am enjoying a huge piece of chocolate that is in the shape of Santa!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Daddy is teaching me all about football, here I am recovering a fumble :)

Daddy's Christmas Party

We went to Daddy's Christmas party on Sunday, and Daddy got another award - a lifesaving medal for performing CPR and bringing someone back to life! YAY DADDY!!!

Santa was also there, I got to sit on his lap. When he asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him I wanted "Presents"

Christmas Tree Time!

We went to Deerwoods Farms again this year to pick out our Christmas tree! It was so fun, but COLD!

We got home and Daddy put the tree up in our living room, it is SOOOOOO big! Here are some pictures of Mommy and I decorating the tree

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm exhausted!

All that work left me tired, time for a nap! Who knew Frosty was a Falcons fan ??

Isn't this where stockings are supposed to go?

Putting up Christmas Decorations

I helped Mommy put up lights and decorations outside, we had so much fun! I love all the lights and get so excited when I see them! I think the reindeer are my favorite!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving ! We had fun, we relaxed and ate lots of food!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Babu and Bibi visit!

Babu and Bibi came to visit us this weekend also, so they were here for my party!

Daddy and Babu went to a Marine Core Ball on Saturday night, they look so great!

I just had to try on Daddy's hat, it fits perfectly, don't you think?

Party time!

Well, now I am spoiled, I think my birthday is supposed to be every day! We had a party on Sunday with my friends ! I got ANOTHER cookie cake and lots of presents. It was so much fun!

Opening Presents!

My black and decker tool set from Mr Rick and Krisandra!

My friend Eli!

Mally and Macey!

Uncle Mark and me showing everyone how old I am!

Aunt Kelly !

I did not want my party to end, I woke up on Monday morning and told Daddy that I didn't want to go to daycare, I wanted another Birthday Party!!!


I am now officially THREE!!! I had a party with Mommy and Daddy on my birthday (Nov 8th) last weekend, I told them I wanted to go see a movie and eat popcorn, so that is what we did.

I also got a great cookie cake for dessert - YUM! I even got to blow out the candles, or "whistles" as I like to call them!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat!

I had so much fun trick or treating with Mally and Macey! It was raining, but we didn't care, we went up to all the houses and I said "Trick or Treat - ROAR!!"

Posing with Macey

Mally helping me Trick Or Treat!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm going to be a big brother!

Did you hear I am going to be a big brother soon! Yup, my mommy is having another baby in April! I am so excited, I rub her belly and talk to my little brother or sister. Here are some pictures of the little boy or girl :)

Fun at Kroger trick or treat with Mally and Macey

We went to Kroger for their trick or treat party this week, and I was SO excited to be able to wear my lion costume! We played games and got candy. Mally and Macey helped me with all the games. It was so much fun! I cannot wait to go trick or treating with them on Saturday!

Carving Pumpkins with Mommy and Daddy

We carved our pumpkins this weekend. Well, I scooped the guts out, and Mommy and Daddy did the carving of the designs I picked out. It was so fun, and they look great in our front yard!