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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Leaving San Diego - so sad!

We had to leave San Diego, but we will miss Babu and Bibi!

We were delayed for several hours because of all the flooding in Atlanta, we didn't get home until 2AM! I slept a little on the plane, but was such a good boy for Mommy and Daddy, I even wore my backpack and dragged my tiger suitcase through the airport and onto Marta! It was an adventure! Thankfully, our house and street was okay, so many people in Atlanta lost so much.

I had such a great vacation, I cannot wait until the next one!

San Diego - Harbor Days in Oceanside

Riding on a double decker bus to get to Harbor Days was so much fun!

We got to check out all this neat Navy and Marines gear
Mommy, Daddy and me enjoying the view of the Harbor!

Playing at home with Babu and Bibi

It was Babu's birthday while we were visiting!

Building a haunted house with Mommy and Bibi

It turned out so great and CREEPY!

I also built a graveyard for Bibi - ooooo, it was scary!

Look out! Someone gave Brock a whole bowl of STICKY SYRUP!! Lean back Bibi and Daddy!

I like oreos!

Running on the treadmill!

San Deigo - The BEACH!!

Mommy and Bibi took me to the beach, I had a blast!
Bibi taught me how to pop seaweed!

That was so silly!

About to feel the water for the first time!

Building sandcastles

I LOVE the sand!!! It didn't bother me all that it was all over my face!

Back in the water again!

More San Diego! Legoland!

Bibi and Mommy took me to Legoland one day, it was so much fun, I didn't want to leave!

I got to ride the train all by myself!

I loved this buffalo!

Mommy and I posing with a camel made out of legos! So neat!Flying in a helicopter with Bibi!

My first driving lesson! Didn't go so well... I enjoyed crashing more than driving...

San Diego - Seaworld!

We had so much fun in San Diego with Babu and Bibi! First, we went to Seaworld and I had SO much fun!!

I saw this beautiful parrot

Got to feed the sealions!

Met Shivers the Polar Bear

Pet a Dolphin!!

Fed the Rays

But my favorite part was watching the Shamu Show, we got SPLASHED!!!

Then we went under the tanks to watch Shamu swim around!

And we had a yummy lunch after the show!!

Daddy and Babu won this huge penguin!