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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip to FL - Part 5 - Daddy's Birthday!

We had a wonderful dinner at the Capital Grille for Daddy's birthday.
We met Aunt Jenny, Uncle Duane and Cousin Kaitie for dinner.
We had a great time and I was such a good boy, I amused everyone with my musical abilities playing spoons and putting them in my mouth to look like a walrus.

Trip to FL - Part 4

Trip to the Ocean!

Hanging with Grammy Jo and Daddy

Do they look better on me??

Mmmm... Corn on the Cob... even when I thought I was done with lunch, when I was handed corn on the cob, I almost ate the whole thing!!!

Trip to Florida - Part 3 - THE GEESE!!!

Daddy knew of a great park near Grammy Jo's house, so we stopped to get some crackers to feed the geese. They must have smelled the crackers, because as soon as we pulled up, they started coming our way!

Trip to FL part 2 - Playing in the pool

Grammy Jo has a great pool at her house! I wasn't too sure at first, but then once I realized there was splashing and jumping involved, I loved it!

Trip to Florida to visit Grammy Jo!

We had so much fun at the zoo! I loved the otter, he was having fun performing for us.

I loved the monkeys, it was so fun to watch them swing around
We took a train ride around the zoo, we saw lots of animals, and one that looked like a deer that I loved!