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Monday, June 28, 2010

Baseball runs in the family!

Check it out, Daddy on the left when he was a little boy, and Brock on the right! So cute!!

Water Water Everywhere!

We had a great weekend, Brock was in the pool the majority of the weekend and loved every minute of it!

On Saturday we went to visit with Eli, Brock's friend from the old daycare. They played and had so much fun together! Below is Lennon (Eli's little brother), Eli and Brock. It is tough to take a picture of 3 little boys who just want to get back in the water!

Here is Leah enjoying the pool in the shade with Mommy

After playing with Eli and Lennon, we went to Nicky's birthday party. It couldn't get any better, there were hotdogs and a SLIP AND SLIDE there!!

On Sunday, our friend Lynn came to our community pool with us! Here she is catching Brock at the bottom of the waterslide!

Brock taking a break from swimming to make a goofy face for Mommy

Leah did really well too, she lounged in her carseat on a soft towel with a nice fan keeping her cool!

We can't wait to go back!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Visiting Brock's old daycare

We went down to visit Mommy's coworkers, and Brock got to visit with his old teachers! Here he is with Mrs Barbara and JB! Brock remembered them and gave them big hugs!

Here is Ms Whitney, she is so much fun!! I miss her!!

Daddy and Leah

Wild Animal Safari!

We went back to the Animal Safari again this year!

It was so much fun! Brock was so brave and fed all the animals. Leah slept most of her first visit, but I bet next year she will be a part of the action!

Leah smiling!

Happy Memorial Day!

Leah got the cutest outfit from Babu andBibi!

Look at how our garden has grown!

We even have some tomatoes!

Visit with Dr Dawson

We all went to see Dr Dawson, the doctor that delivered Brock and Leah. It was so neat to see him, and get a picture with him!